Saturday, 5 November 2016

Cheap proteins

I'm definitely shopping less ie physically going to shops but that means less opportunistic bargains.  Ah well, swings and roundabouts.  A quick pop in the other night with OH (he really needs to curb his food shopping!) resulted in some reduced chestnuts.  3 x 400g bags @ 40p each.  I had no idea how I was going to use them but chestnuts are low fat/high protein so it's a healthy bargain to boot.  I've not done anything with them yet but there's loads of ideas on Pinterest and they're not about to perish any time soon.

I've discovered that one of my colleagues regularly brings in staff sale foods from Marks and Spencer as her partner works there.  No idea what staff pay for these reduced items but she was offering it to her colleagues for free as she had too much for her own use.  Free is my favourite price! :-)  I couldn't eat some of the lovely pasta meals and bready things but I spotted these lentils and wild rice pouches.  Both dairy and gluten free.  Happy, happy!!

I had them with some of the turkey sausages I'd frozen from last week's meal prepping instead of the pasta I'd planned.  Very tasty indeed.  I must buy some green lentils next time I'm stocking up on pulses.  I like rice and beans type combinations.  Healthy and cheap!


  1. Oh my I LOVE roast chestnuts, we used to take the children in to the woods and forage from the sweet chestnut trees that were near our home in the UK. I never even thought about the protein content they provide, I have to see if I can get Logan to eat some to up his protein intake now that he's off the meat

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    1. I'm fine thanks, just really really busy xxx

  3. That's nice of your colleague to bring in free food! One of the mums on my school run sometimes brings bread to school at the end of the week from a bakery that she knows the owner of. They give her the bread that hasn't sold to give away to us. She literally showed up with a trolley full the other day - such a nice way to end the week!