Sunday, 30 October 2016

All work and no play...

... makes me a very dull, tired, grumpy and fed up girl!!  Although Emma doesn't seem to mind! All I seem to do atm is go to work, think about work and then do even more work at home.  There is no life/work balance.  I'm not enjoying teaching this class, they're very needy in lots of different ways.  I now have 30 (that's the legal max for this age group) and 12 of them are on Staged Intervention.  Plus at least 6 more with behaviour issues and one who barely speaks English (although she is a wee sweetheart). I have to admit that I am stressed.  So it's important that I try harder to do more fun things completely unrelated to school especially at weekends.

I scored some yellow stickered turkey sausages yesterday.  I've had them before (also reduced) so knew they're delicious.  I simmered them in some pear cider (bargain from Lidl) and prepped them for a couple of meals next week.

 I took one to my eldest son for his dinner tonight. 

I also made a chocolate cake

I finally got round to start painting my utility room cupboard doors.  My dishwasher door took 3 coats of emulsion then 3 coats of cupboard paint.  So I'm hoping to get them finished this week at some point,

I've also made a huge batch of lentil soup so that's lunches for work sorted for the week.  We get an hour for lunch and I usually work through it, having my soup at my desk while I mark jotters.  I know that's not healthy but when you've got 30 jotters from every curricular area covered that morning there's not much choice.  It's either done at lunchtime or at home *sighs*

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  1. Gosh you really have got your work cut out with this class haven't you. With this very long first term you must be reaching exhaustion levels too :-(

    We have the same soup cups, Lovely Hubby takes two back with him to work each week to get his working week off to a good start.


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