Sunday, 22 January 2017

Meal prep

For some reason this picture makes me incredibly happy which is actually quite sad! I wish other parts of my life were as neatly lined up!!

I spent a few hours yesterday doing some meal prep.  This is my second fridge and it's got (almost) all my meals for next week in there. Some will go in the freezer later today. I've got 4 mugs of Spicy Carrot soup (lunches), 4 slices of Turkey Meatloaf , 3 portions of Veg Curry and 3 portions of the Turkey Chilli Con Carne.  And all have the WW points marked on them 😊 so I don't need to think about what's for eating when I get in from work.

So far after 1 week I've lost 1.5kg (about 3lbs) and tomorrow is weigh in day so fingers crossed for a wee bit more lost.

I'm really enjoying trying out some new recipes and so far OH is enjoying them too (although he thought the veg curry would be nicer with chicken!!) He just has more potatoes/rice/pasta than me and he's full up.  I've found a few good websites for inspiration, I'm also using the WW magazine and I've pre ordered Oprah's new cookbook. It's good to have my cooking mojo back!


  1. Well done on the weight loss! That all looks so neat and tidy, wish my fridge looked like that. Coincidentally I am trying to get my OH, a committed meat eater, to eat more veg too, am planning to slip in a veggie casserole soon and see what happens!

    1. What is it with men and meat?? My eldest son is exactly the same!