Saturday, 11 February 2017

More seeds and pink hair!

My lovely mum on hearing about my germination viability testing gave me all her old seeds to sort through.  And I mean old!!

Some are dated 2006!! But there's plenty of current date ones so I'll sort them out and add them to my own growing collection.

Yesterday the first part of my Thompson and Morgan order arrived.  I somehow managed to order 2 packs of 50 tomato seeds but heyho they'll go to a good home. My seed potatoes should be dispatched at the end of the month.

I also ordered some pruners from eBay for £16.95 as my ancient ones wouldn't open properly any more.  They came with a 10 year guarantee from a good company (free p&p) so I felt like I got a good deal for 2 pairs of quality pruners.

In other pruning news I got my hair cut and my blonde roots done.  My hairdresser knows I like purple hair so asked if I'd like a violet toner through it afterwards.  Clearly my idea of violet is different from the hairdressing world.  It looks exactly the colour of Mrs Slocombe!!!

Well, nearly!!