Saturday, 29 July 2017

Thinking outside the box

It was always my intention to use the contents of the boxes of the enchilada kit in different ways.  I can't eat the wraps but they'll be useful for guests.  I opened one yesterday.

Interestingly the sell by date on the box is 28-10-17 but this is just the wraps' date, the tomato puree is 2nd May 2018 and the spice mix is 19th March 2020!! 

I used some wraps at lunchtime to make tuna crunch wraps for OH's daughter.  The rest of the opened pack is now in the freezer.  I used half of the pack of spice on some chicken and veggies for last night's meal.

Today was chilly so I made a huge pot of  Taco soup, based on a WeightWatchers recipe I found on Pinterest.  Lots of veggies, the other half of the spice pack, the tomato puree pack and I added a can of the red kidney beans from my AF order.  It was delicious!!

In between the heavy downpours today 🌂 I've been scraping away the moss between the monoblocks.  Boring but very satisfying to see the difference!  My back garden is a bit of mess so I'm trying to get it tidy by the time I go back to work. 


  1. We are desperate for a settled dry spell of weather. My garden looks like a jungle. Your soup looks delicious, did you add your ingredients as well as all the stuff on the website or instead of some of them? I'm going to give it a try, thanks. x

    1. I used my spice pack instead of the herbs and spices listed and added the full tin of kidneys beans (water included) near the end. I hope you like it too! :-)


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