Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Work clothes

 Dress 1, original price £22

I was in Sainsbury's on Monday afternoon and noticed they had a huge sale on their clothes.  I'm guessing they're clearing their stock to make way for Autumn and Winter (other supermarkets may be doing the same??)  I had a quick look and realised there were a few things I rather liked that would be ideal for work.  I hate shopping for clothes and had planned a day either in town or going to Glasgow to do the dreaded deed.  So I did my food shopping first, put it in the car and went back to try on a few things.  

Dress 2, original price £20

I really dug around all the rails as lots of stuff was on the wrong size rack or hanger.  And I tried on a variety of sizes as I know from past experience that they're not all the same!

Dress 3, original price £28

And then I noticed a few rails that said 'Everything £1.' Yep, I got the above 3 dresses for £1 each!! Perfect for terms 1 and 4 when the school building is hot and they can be worn with a wee cardigan if it gets cooler.

Dark green tunic, black and white tunic and charcoal tunic each originally £22

I'll wear these with a long sleeved top underneath, leggings and boots

Sparkly black knit dress, original price £22

I got the dress and tunics for £6.60 each

So after a mammoth trying on session I got 3 cotton dresses, 3 tunics and a dress for the festive season for a grand total of £29.40 instead of £158.  You could say I 'saved' £128.60 but I wouldn't have bought any of them at full price.  And I definitely 'saved' time as I don't need to go on a clothes shopping trip.  For less than £30 I've got my work wardrobe sorted for the coming academic year.  I just need a new pair of boots (remember Emma ate my work boots!!!)  It's a bit too early for winter boots to be in the shops but I'll keep my eyes peeled as you never know when you'll spot a bargain!! 

Edited to add: Found a pair of black leggings in M&S sale for £14 (on the wrong size rack!)


  1. Wow! A fabulous deal and some very nice dresses. X

    1. Sometimes it really is just luck but you have to be open to finding those bargains!


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