Monday, 17 July 2017


We came home last night from a busy 2 weeks in Cornwall in the campervan.  We were blessed with decent weather (ie not wet!!) so I'm claiming that as a win after the last 2 summer holidays spent in Ireland.  I've even got a tan!! The only thing on my list was to see The Eden Project.  I wanted inspiration to take my garden forward and give me a few pointers on a greener lifestyle.

Recycled cutlery bird! 

Definitely want to try this in my garden!! 

Whilst I did enjoy my visit (OH and The Teenogre were less than impressed) I didn't come away with much inspiration.  I was impressed with how they've turned a disused ugly quarry into a tourist attraction but I really didn't like the artificial biomes.  It was expensive to get in and most of the staff we encountered were rather surly!

The boys got their adrenaline fix at Adrenalin quarry.  They did the zip wire, high swing and coaststeering off the cliffs.  I don't do anything with heights but over the 2 weeks I did go river and then sea kayaking, stand up paddleboarding (twice) and ecoasteering which was a bit less extreme.

We ate very well!! 

And visited some picturesque places

I loved these beach huts in Newquay

We marvelled at the ingenuity of house builders (you can stay here on this private island)

As always it was lovely to get away for a complete break but just as lovely to come back home.  The Teenager and his girlfriend were house sitting.  Dog, chicken and plants all survived! 😎


  1. Sorry the Eden folks weren't more inspirational but it sound like a nice break all the same.

    1. I did enjoy it, I just thought I'd get more out of it. But the 2 weeks away were just what I needed :-)

  2. Glad you had a nice holiday, lets hope the sun keeps shining here too now!

    1. This afternoon and evening were lovely here. Fingers crossed we get more of it!


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