Thursday, 29 June 2017

One more day!

Yesterday I saw a physio about my ankle.  My headteacher referred me through Occupational Health services at work.  There aren't many perks working for a local authority and I know their priority is getting employees back to work quickly to save money.  But it's quicker than getting a referral through my GP and cheaper than going private.  Oh, did I mention it cost me nothing for a half hour consultation?  It's a FREE service! I have a follow up appt in 2 weeks.

Anyhoo, I have a grade 2 tear on the ligaments (a grade 3 is complete rupture!) and it'll take a bit of time to heal.  I have a series of exercises to do plus I now know how to tape it up with Kinesiology tape.  I love that tape!

On a happier note, just one more day until the summer holidays begin!!! 🙌


  1. I wish I had that option here. Our system can be a nightmare. Follow the physic's recommendations and do the exercises. They help. Good luck and enjoy your summer.

    1. Thanks. Our NHS is amazing in an accident or emergency situation. Non threatening conditions have much longer waits so I'm very grateful to have this option

  2. What a well timed school holiday for you to rest and heal your heel! x

  3. Hope you heal soon, great to have such a service to use.

  4. Hope you enjoy your holiday. Its very debilitating when your heel is out of action isn't it. I had an achilles tendon issue a few years ago and it was a nightmare! I had a great boss at the time though and he said if I wanted to continue to work rather than stay home he'd drive me home if someone else was able to bring me to work! Nowadays I'd be told to stay home in case the elf and safety people got wind of it!! Happy hobbling. x


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