Thursday, 30 August 2018

Free fruit!

These 3 bags of plums appeared on my desk this morning.  

I now have 1.5kg of halved and stoned plums in my freezer tonight!

One of my colleagues brought some plums from her garden the other day to share in the staff room.  She was complaining that her tree had more plums on it than she could cope with. I said I'd take any extra she had to make chutney.  She immediately offered me "loads more plums" and some apples too.  A conversation followed where several people asked me what you need to make chutney.  I said you can make chutney with most fruit and veggies.

This morning after the plums appeared another colleague asked if I could use some berries as her neighbour keeps giving her some.

So tomorrow I've been promised plums, apples and berries.  And I'm hoping to pick the elderberries in our school playing field! 


  1. Replies
    1. They'll stay in the freezer for now!! :-)

  2. Love plums poached with custard/yoghurt. Bit of cinammon and it’s heavenly.

  3. I find that people are delighted to share surplus usually - quite often they don't think of doing so unless given a nudge in the right direction though! Yesterday I acquired three large pieces of fabric (enough for clothes), an electric typewriter and a bag of apples :)

    1. Lol! That's a random collection of stuff!!

  4. How lovely for you. Enjoy!

  5. I’m moving house on Monday and I have picked loads of apples off the trees in my current garden and will freeze them when I arrive at my new house. I am also inheriting more fabulous apple trees and fruit bushes at my new house. I’m looking forward to having a large garden to be able to grow some veg next year. Wendy. X

  6. Lucky you, perfect gifts, even if they do mean a bit of work to preserve them. We had blackberry and apple crumble this week, berries picked from my garden.

  7. Good job. It is so sad these skills are disappearing isn’t it. Lack of cooking lessons in school has a lot to answer for I think.