Sunday, 10 February 2019

Half term already!!

It's half term already!  And that means a new DIY project.  I have 2 Staff Development days tomorrow and Tuesday then 3 days actual holiday. OH and I have been prepping the dining room, hall and stairs for the last few weeks.  Today I moved the dining chairs out and took a good hard look at the space.  I realised that the table is just too big so have decided to sell/give it away.

It's 220cm by 110cm and easily seats 10 people.  I listed it on Marketplace this afternoon and have had 2 inquiries already! I'll buy a smaller table (second hand of course!) which will make the space look bigger and less cluttered. 

OH removed the back light fitting.  I'll keep it for a future upcycled chandelier type project.  I'm thinking a change of colour and definitely adding sparkly dangly bits 😉 I've already bought 2 new brushed chrome light fittings and orange light shades as replacements on Ebay.

I took a trip to B&Q and spent a whopping £117 on paint (emulsion, undercoat and satinwood), filler and brushes!! 😮 I also bought a few plants as well.  The Peace Lily is for my bedroom, the succulent and vriesea are for the living room.  I'd like more plants dotted around my house 🌵🌷

I've overdone it a bit today, moving furniture and lifting carpet by myself so won't do any more until Wednesday.  Then it's full steam ahead!


  1. I look forward to seeing your finished room. I hope by now you have shifted your table too. Enjoy your break. x

    1. Thanks! Think painting the stairs is going to be a huuuuge job!!