Sunday, 12 May 2019

Tomatoes, Strawberries and Potatoes

This year I'm trying to grow tomatoes in pots in my front garden instead of growbags in the polytunnel.  It's directly south facing and gets really warm so maybe I'll actually get a decent crop this year.  The one in the middle is Moneymaker but the other 2 are unknown.  My Lovely Mum was gifted some and she passed them on to me.  So no cost!

I went to B&Q really early this morning to buy compost.  It was mobbed!!  I've only got £30 left in my garden budget now!  I managed to pick up the last tray of Elsanta strawberries.  I've put some in my wee trough and the rest in a big pot (see below).  If I pot the runners at the end of summer I'll be able to keep my strawberry supply going for several years so they're good value for money.

They were selling off their seed potatoes at half price so I got a pack of 10 for 88p.  I've grown Cara before so I know they can do well here.  I've put 4 in a potato bag already and I'll do the rest in pots when I get more compost this week.

I've rounded up all my terracotta pots (and a plastic lookalike!) and lined them up along the chicken fence.  I've transplanted some sweet peas (again a gift of extras from my Lovely Mum) and the remaining 2 strawberry plants.  I've also got some chives I rescued from the attention of the chickens.  I'll add more seeds or plants to them as I acquire them.

They actually look ok!  Once everything grows a bit it will look even better 🌿

The weather forecast for the week ahead is looking promising.  It's to be sunny and dry so I'll be able to spend more time outside after school.  My fruit garden (under netting in the old polytunnel frame) needs weeding and the rasps need tying up again.  There's always plenty to do in a garden.


  1. There's even more to do as the growing season progresses. Good luck with the tomatoes. I have yet to plant anything except the over-wintering garlic which has sprouted.

    1. Thanks! I've not have much success recently with tomatoes so I'm trying a new approach. Not grown garlic before, it's on my list for the future

  2. I got strawberries this year to try, yet again! I never get a good crop and they are never sweet enough so I've decided to try one more time and feed them to within an inch of their lives and I'm going to net them from the pesty pigeons that live in my garden and then fingers crossed for a warm, relatively dry (keeps the slugs and snails numbers down) summer! Good luck with your garden, its looking good. x

    1. Yep, not had a proper sweet one for years. I always end up drizzling some honey over them!


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