Saturday, 3 April 2021

Day 2 - last day of self isolation


Another lovely day here so being stuck at home isn't too much of a hardship.  I pulled on my new short wellies (recent birthday present from youngest DS) and spent a few hours evaluating my back garden.

Tuppence was very interested in what I was doing.  Penny not so much.  I hadn't realised they'd not been mentioned for a while but they're still here, still laying a few eggs.  

I wanted a good look at my perennial edibles to see what had survived the Winter.  To my delight everything has made it and is starting to bud 😍  This is a wee pear tree I've had for a few years now.  Always blossoms but the wind then blows them away so never had any pears yet.

This is one of a pair of thornless brambles (blackberries) destined for the plot to create an edible hedging barrier.  It was a tiny wee stick last year!! Part of the B&Q fruit bush bundles I bought last year.  CLICK HERE  You can see the difference in just 1 year!!

This is a fig tree I bought my mum but it was getting too big for her garden so I've got it back.  Not sure where I'll put it yet but it's healthy and in bud!

Blueberry bushes and strawberries are all healthy and in bud!

Blackcurrants and gooseberry bushes also looking good!

Patio apple trees are in bud but like the pear tree their blossom always blows away before it sets.

Sage (mint and chives out of shot) looking good

Rhubarb almost ready for a first picking.

And some rogue raspberries along the back fence.  I removed these 2 years ago as the birds and the squirrel got to them before I ever did.  But they self seed everywhere so I'll let them grow and see what happens.

Without realising, I seem to have made my back garden the fruit garden!  Some of the pots are destined for the allotment but for the rest I'll need to find a way to stop the wildlife getting all my fruit before me!  I don't mind sharing a wee bit but they're like locusts!!


  1. It all sounds very tasty. Those wellies are to die for. I have serious welly envy. :-)

    1. Thanks. Wellies are from Joules and DS got them on a well known website best known for books ;-) They've got loads of cool designs!!

  2. You have a lot on your hands with your back garden and the allotment. Thinking of retiring any time soon?

    1. Lol!! All I do is go to work and come home so all my spare time is spent on growing things. I do have retirement plans, just a few more years until I think I'm ready :-)


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