Sunday, 4 April 2021

Day 3 - Easter Sunday


HOORAY!  I was allowed back out today but as it was rather cold and windy I didn't stay out long!!  I popped down to the plot just to check on everything.  I'm so glad all was ok 😊

I took Emma with me.  She just loves sniffing around, pretty sure she smells mice/rats! 🐀🐁  Luckily there seems to be no sign of any rabbit activity on my plot.

She plopped herself down at the open door to enjoy the sun out of the wind while I made myself a coffee on my wee stove,

Real coffee! 😋

I took this photo to show the quirky shape of my wee shed.  I think it was a bespoke build, designed to fit into a certain space at the house I got it from.  The front is brown (yuck!) but the rest is forest green.  I love the shape, it's very me!!

As the day was rather cold and windy to be outside I spent the rest of it sewing some more hexies and reading.  I'm steadily working my way through the bags of fabric scraps my lovely mum gave me.

I've lost my original template sheet so need to figure out how to make more paper templates the exact size.  I think they're just 3 inches so I'll find another one online.

I'm currently reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.  It's been around for a while and felt like a good follow up to The Road Less Travelled.  Apart from the tiny print (probably need reading glasses now!!) it's easy to read.

I've watched a few of his videos on YouTube.  I like his calm voice.  I might download the audiobook version to help me sleep at night. I do like to listen to a nice soothing voice as I drop off. 😴


  1. I've been watching him too over the last couple of weeks, knitting in hand. He has a very calming voice and a lovely gentle sense of humour - he reminds me in a way of the Dalai Lama :) He is a wise soul.

    1. I like the way he doesn't push any religion. And yes I agree about the similarity with the Dalai Lama :-)

  2. I watch him too on You Tube. He's very wise! Have also had The Power of Now for ages, but not read it yet.

    1. I got the book earlier in the year after seeing something on YouTube but didn't start reading it until this week. I like to procrastinate about starting stuff!!


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