Sunday, 6 June 2021

Frugal YouTubers

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I've been watching some frugal You Tubers while sitting with my ankle up.  I stick one on while I knit a summer cotton cardigan for myself.  I used to watch quite a few frugal channels but many of them (although still very good) were about how to live frugally with children or teenagers or they were US based.  They didn't really apply to me as a single (ahem) mature woman in the UK occasionally feeding an adult son.  

So I set out to find some with older people and/or based in the UK.  Here are a few of my favourites and some new ones I found recently.

WARNING: be prepared to lose a few hours checking them out!! 😂

Frugal Fit Mom

I've followed her for a while before this video made her a huge success.  She feeds 4 sporty teenagers and a husband on a tight budget.  US based but great advice.

132 meals for $42 This is a brilliant video!  $42 is just under £30

What Vivi Did Next (UK based)

Vivi gave up a paid nursing job (due to arthritis) and lives extremely frugally from what she grows on her allotment and a few sewing side hustles.  Very chatty rambling style but I love all her food growing and saving tips.

Vivi's home page

Frugal Jo (UK based)

American/Canadian who's lived in the UK for years

Frugal Jo home page

Frugal Money Saver (new to me)

A couple who took early retirement, New York state based

Frugal Money Saver home page

Mornings with Granny 

I've followed Granny back when she was Penny Pinchin' Granny.  Lots of good tips and detailed breakdown of food costs although she's US based

Mornings with Granny home page

Frugal Over Fifty (new to me but I like it so far)

Frugal Over Fifty home page

She's Drinking Coffee (I dip in and out of this one but really like it)

She's Drinking Coffee

Life Over Sixty with Sandra

I really love this one but it's not necessarily a frugal one.  This video is her first one I found where she talks about money saving and minimalism.  The more videos I watched the more I want to be like Sandra when I grow up!!

Life Over Sixty with Sandra

Here are a few more simple living/frugal/batch cooking ones I watch fairly regularly:

Mr Carrington (he's UK based and also recently appeared on TV)

Do It On A Dime

The Simplified Saver

The Batch Lady (she's Scottish!!) 😊

Simple Living Alaska (tiny house living.  I love these guys!!)

Fy Nyth (tiny house living)

Let me know in the comments about any other good ones you've found and I'll add them below along with any others I find!

Prepper Princess 

Under the Median


  1. I've watched a few of the ones above. I'm currently watching Prepper Princess, US based and frugal, single with a dog. I'm really enjoying her channel.

    1. Oooo, forgot about Prepper Princess. Not watched her for while!

  2. Quite a few here that are new to me - I'll probably have to ration how long I spend on them though! Being allergic to peas, most beans, lentils, some nuts and soya, I'm always on the lookout for frugal recipes with ingredients I can eat to ring the changes, even better if they don't involve fish, eggs and dairy as my son is allergic to those foods! Thanks for the links.

    1. Yep, dietary restrictions are a real pain and can be expensive!! Hope you find some inspiration in there!

  3. Thanks for that. I shall work my way through your list, but maybe not in one session!

  4. Try Down to Earth blog Australia, Rhonda has many years of wonderful ideas applicable to all life stages

    1. Love Rhonda! She was the first blog I found many years ago when I typed 'simple living' into Google. At that point she only had a few hundred subscribers and answered every comment/email she got. Look at how she's grown since then!!

  5. Prepper Princess is the best! Even although a lot of her content is USA-focussed, she has some superb ideas and advice esp for those of us who have been living the frugal lifestyle for a while.'Frugal Queen in France' is really good too, simple menu-planning & cooking tips.

    1. Yep I used to love Frugal Queen's blog before she moved to France. Just found her channel last week so haven't seen much of it yet.


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