Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014 Budget - Clothes

I've decided to stick to my £120 per year clothing budget.  I made a few mistakes this year with impulsive buying of fabric but it means I do have lots of fabric to use in 2014.  Since I'm back working I'll be focussing more on work clothes.  So far I've remembered that teaching infants can be messy (paint, glitter etc on clothes!!) so perhaps dry clean only trousers are more suitable for working with the older kids! I think I have enough running/gym stuff to last the year although I may need new trainers at some point. 

A recent visit to my mum (remember she has 2 full wardrobes of clothes!!!) came up with a few goodies to refashion for work.  I especially love the blouse with the cats!!

I just love this green jacket although it's a bit big for me.  I may need to alter it slightly but look how lovely it looks over my bargain Laura Ashley dress :-)

Then there's this lovely silk blouse, again a bit loose but with a wee bit of tweaking will be perfect for a warmer day.
I still have a lot of clothing to sort out.  I MUST get that done before the end of the year so I'm starting fresh.


  1. What a great haul to start the new year with! I love the jacket, goes so well with your dress. What brand is it as I have a charity shop Eastex skirt the exact same colour. Can't wait to see your refashions!

  2. Hi Penny Pincher :-) The jacket is from Dorothy Perkins. It's at least 10 years old!! It's a 16 so it's a bit baggy. But I'm drawn to that colour atm for some reason. I've also got a Planet skirt in that green at the back of my wardrobe that needs updating.