Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fruit n veg

I had to pop into the supermarket for my eldest DS and had fruit n veg on my list for myself.  I never go in with a clear idea of what I what want as I like to see what they've got on offer.  I know this can be dangerous if you're on a tight budget cos all the advice says make a list and stick to it but I've worked out how they mark stuff down in my local Sainsbury's.  If it's a cold miserable night they start stickying stuff around 6pm.  If it's nice they wait till about 8pm. 

It's a wet cold miserable night tonight so I got some great bargains;.  But I'm especially pleased with my 5p bag of apple slices and grapes!!!

Brussels sprouts 20p (was £1), 2 bags of ready prepped broccoli/carrots/asparagus spears 30p (was £1.50), pomegranate seeds 30p (was £1.50) and black olives 24p (was £1.05).  Total £1.39 instead of £7.20 :-)

Sprouts will go freezer for Christmas dinner, apples/grapes/pomegranate seeds for breakfast, olives in a salad with some feta cheese for lunch tomorrow and veg in a stir fry tonight


  1. Those prices are unheard of here in the States. Sure wish I could score some fruits and veggies for what amounts to give-away prices. Lucky you!

    1. Yes, most US supermarkets would rather toss food in the dumpster than discount it.

  2. It really is luck! Sometimes I can go weeks without any bargains at all. I know some frugal bloggers who can go to a market at the end of a day and get whole boxes of fruit and veg for pennies. Sadly there aren't any markets here in Stirling so I make do with what's on my doorstep

  3. Yes you must be right, cos I popped into Sainsbury tonight and found some similar deals. Their sprouts were 24p a pack, I got a large bag of bananas for 29p, mushrooms for 24p and a pack of bagels for 45p. I did buy some chicken and lamb patties that was about half price, but not much apart from that, Scored well for lunches in Morrisons last night, but that was a bit later. Keep your eyes peeled - you will soon have that freezer stocked up!

  4. I've never thought of taking the weather into consideration before. I guess they get less folk through the doors later on a miserable night.

    You got some good buys there :-)

  5. I don't take a shopping list either, I buy what is reduced, not bothered what it is as long as it's not dead animal or fish :o) You had a good haul there.


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