Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mulling things over

I've been mulling things over for a few days reflecting on the comments on my previous post.  I might be working full time, I might need to change my 'ideal lifestyle' to suit my current circumstances but I'm happy with the way things are working out right now.  I hadn't realised that financial independence and security were so important to me.  But living a non wasteful lifestyle is also important to me so the 2 things CAN and WILL work together.
As I popped into the supermarket tonight on yet another errand to pick up soap powder as I'd totally run out (on Friday it was teabags and before that it was washing up liquid!!) I picked up a reduced curry.  Of course I could make a batch of curry sauce and fill my freezer for a fraction of the cost, but right now a reduced ready meal for tonight's tea is ok. 

Over the 2 week holiday I'll get myself organised and get this lovely new fridge freezer filled up with nutritious home made 'ready meals' (suspect they may be turkey based as OH has ordered a biggie again!!) I'm rather pleased with this purchase as it was a total bargain and unusually has a bigger freezer than fridge which suits my purpose.  It needs to sit overnight then I'll unpack it and switch it on tomorrow.  Did I mention it's black??? Lol!


  1. Excellent news. Cut yourself some slack. I have been planning to make a batch of pasta sauce for over a week now, but really just cannot be bothered when I get in from work. I did make a curry from scratch tonight, but used curry paste instead of curry powder and other spices, it really was much easier and tasted nice too. I even managed to squeeze out an extra portion either for me later in the week or for the freezer when hubby on nights again. I have not even seen your freezer yet, but I have fridge/freezer envy!! I would suggest popping into the supermarket in the evenings (if you can) I often get good deals, sometimes even a real bargain and now you have the freezer to really take advantage of this. Best of luck, but I am sure you will be sorted in next to no time. X

  2. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a bargain ready meal, I hope you enjoyed it. I actually find that once I have one of those I am all geared up to stock my freezer up with homemade ones .... you can make them in larger portion sizes for a start :-)

  3. In my rush I didn't realise the curry had a SIX chillies rating!!!

    Fridge freezer now unpacked and ready to switch :-)


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