Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Christmas dinner

Last year I set myself a Christmas Meal Challenge where I bought and cooked a Christmas day dinner from scratch for free (except for the turkey which was a gift) by only using my points from the supermarket I use most frequently.  I wanted to try it again.  Last year I had £52 worth of points, this year I had £42.07. That's a tenner less.
I did the big shop today and spent £42.24 so was 17p over budget!!! BUT some of the food will be used in other meals.  The potatoes will last all week, the soup will do Boxing Day as well and the turkey will no doubt provide many meals.
This year's menu is
  • Carrot and coriander soup or melon cocktail
  • Turkey, stuffing, bacon wrapped chipolatas, gravy, roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts, sweetcorn or veggie option (undecided atm)
  • Black cherry trifle or Christmas pudding with custard or cherries in Greek yoghurt
Since only 2 of us like pudding (and they're not cheap to make!!) I've cheated by buying 2 individual ones that re heat in the microwave. 
The nitty gritty:
2 bottles of Schloer (BOGOF)     £2.25
1 bottle Appletiser                        £1.49
2 packs frozen cherries                 £4.40
3.5kg potatoes                               £3.50
Cranberry sauce                            £1.15
Pork sausagemeat (frozen)           £1.00
Greek yoghurt                              £2.50
2 x double cream                          £3.40
Chipolatas                                     £2.30
Streaky bacon                               £3.00
Fresh custard                                £1.50
2 Christmas puddings                   £3.00
Coriander pot                                £1.25
Black grapes                                 £2.50
Melon                                           £2.00
Oranges                                        £1.00
2 kg carrots                                   £2.00
12 crackers                                    £4.00
There will be 5 adults, 1 teen and 1 pre teen.  My menu is simpler than last year so maybe that's why I've spent less on it.  But on the whole I'm pretty pleased with it.  I was given a present of a bottle of Prosecco by a child in my class and the turkey is a gift from OH's butcher friend so not paying for wine or turkey makes this challenge doable for us. If I still wanted a bird for the main meal I would follow A girl called Jack's example and buy a large chicken.  I just wouldn't pay the money for a turkey.

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  1. Excellent idea Ali, to save your supermarket points and use them for Christmas. I don't think you shop regularly at Mr T, but with their loyalty points, you have the option of 'banking' the vouchers and they send them to you in one hit in November. Maybe your other readers will find this useful. I am also keeping it fairly simple, as although the family are together on Christmas Day, apart from three of us the others are all either very young or quite old, and cannot eat loads of rich food, and have other family committments later in the day so no need to buy the whole of the supermarket. Hope you have a lovely one, and look forward to following you in 2014. X


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