Sunday, 23 August 2015

Kitchen floor decisions

I have very clever chickens.  Every one of those first 3 eggs was a double yoker!  :-) I made a goat's cheese omelette and it was delicious.

This is the inside of my lovely floor to ceiling cupboard.  As you can see it holds a lot!  However, when I had it built I didn't think it through.  It has been built directly onto the tiled floor, which would be fine if I wasn't changing the floor.

I really need to remove these tiles because A. they're old and grubby and B. they're spoiling the clean fresh look of the kitchen.  Plus I don't like them!! I've done my research and have taken advice from professionals.  I have 2 options. 
1.  Lay a floor directly on top of the tiles.  My options are laminate or vinyl. 
Laminate will raise the floor level significantly (it's already higher due to the tiles) which means you would have a teeny step up in and out of the kitchen from the hall.  And I'd have to take about an inch off the bottom of the purple door and cupboard doors. 
Vinyl would be quick and cheap but the grout lines on the tiles will begin to show through so they'd need to be filled and levelled before laying. 
I've found a product that combines vinyl on a laminate style board that clicks together and can be laid directly on the tiles IF they're completely level.  It's only 6mm thick so wouldn't raise the floor level much.  Downside is the cost :-(
2.  Remove the tiles back to the floor boards  This would be messy and time consuming, and I'd need to use some sort of angle grinder to cut the tiles round the cupboard that sits on the floor.  I'm not confident that I could do this myself.  But I could then choose a less expensive flooring option.
Mess v cost v convenience.  The frugal choice would be suck up the mess and save money.  But I'm back at work now and frankly it's not showing signs of being any easier than last year.  I'll know by tomorrow if the floor is level enough for the vinyl tile option.  Then I'll agonise over the cost!

This is poor Emma's ear.  She has a haematoma probably due to the amount of scratching she does.  She also has really mucky ears and hates having them cleaned out.  It's a 2 man job!  She's currently on steroids and antibiotics but after a week it hasn't improved much.  It may need surgery to be drained but that's a last resort.  She's really not herself and is very subdued.  I really hate it when animals aren't well as you have to second guess how much it hurts.  Fingers crossed it improves this week.

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  1. We have vinyl in the kitchen, no joins so nowhere for grime to get into, and it cleans so very easy. It's also soft so if you drop anything more often than not it will bounce.


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