Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Take one pack of reduced sausages and remove skins

And one pack of stuffing mix (water and oil added as per instructions) and squidge it all together
Bake in the oven until lovely and crispy on top

Serve with sweet potato mash and beans.
And very delicious it was too!  It was a bit of a dry run for Christmas day dinner.  I find using sausages instead of sausagemeat gives you a better quality of meat.  On the day I'll use more sausages but the above 6 sausages made 6 good portions of stuffing.  I picked up a few reduced packs of sausages so they're now in the freezer waiting for turkey day :-)
After Christmas you can usually pick up reduced stuffing mixes. One year I got loads of a cranberry mix one for 10p. It's a quick cheat's way to make meatloaf if you've not got the time or inclination to make breadcrumbs/chop and fry onions/prepare the herbs.


  1. It is also nice used as a filling for a savoury jalousie, very popular in my house... and for filling sausage rolls, given the recent talk about the dangers of processed meats mixing with stuffing at least means we are eating less processed meat.

  2. We often use stuffing instead of a pastry top, also I use pork and apple as the filling.

  3. thats a good idea , have never thought to use sausages instead

  4. OMG. That looks delicious and it never occurred to me to do that. I have good sausages, I have a packet of stuffing and guess what we are now going to have for tea one night next week,


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