Friday, 11 December 2015

Tree time

I gave in and put the tree up.  It's a pre lit one, obviously artificial.  Real ones are lovely but so expensive.  So out came the tree box and 1 single box of decorations.  I genuinely couldn't remember if I'd kept anything from last year.  I definitely had a big clear out so found no baubles or tinsel.  Just Santas!!! I've been collecting wee Santas for years.  Not expensive and definitely not tasteful.  They do make me laugh though :-)

I still have my 3 angels, one for each of my boys. I've got a quilted wall hanging and a small handmade yarn themed wreath and that's it.  Very understated.

I'm going stud some oranges with cloves and tie some cinnamon sticks together with ribbon.  And that's probably all I'll do this year.


  1. Love the idea of non-tasteful santas :) Was gearing up for Christmas here (in my own wee way), but I think I might be moving again, so very unsettled. Lo
    ve the angels ;) x

  2. I think it looks lovely, Francesca.


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