Monday, 7 December 2015

Faith restored ( a wee bit!)

Sainsbury's finally refunded my money.  It only took 3 weeks and 5 days!! They owed me £83.25 but they rounded it up as a 'goodwill gesture' to £90.   Plus they sent me a voucher for 2500 Nectar points on my next spend which is worth £12.50.  So I'm around £20 better off. 

I'm lucky I had savings in reserve but for many people it could have been a tricky situation where they found themselves short of cash for the best part of a month.  This is the second time recently I've had to fight to get my own money back from a large company.  Everyone I spoke to was very pleasant and tried to be helpful.  It was the electronic payment system that was at fault.  Apparently!!

A quick pop in last night resulted in a few yellow stickered goodies for the freezer.  Pancakes for The Teenager, cupcakes and croissants for me!  I've not tried the Genius croissants before.  I'm saving them for Christmas morning as we always had croissants for brunch.  The boys liked them toasted with cheese.  One Christmas family tradition I'm keeping :-)


  1. perhaps we should try having our shopping today and paying them in 4 weeks !!

  2. Glad it's sorted :) am chasing up more things I ordered that haven't arrived and trying to get refunds on others - nightmare!

  3. That's crazy, at least you got a wee bit extra back :) it's so frustrating dealing with these companies :(

  4. I'm glad you finally got your money back, what a palaver!!


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