Thursday 15 November 2012

Technical stuff!

I am not a techy person at all but today I out did myself.

I built my own website!!! :-)

Have a look here

Still a work in progress but once I've figured out how to do the photo gallery I'll be happy.

I also set up a business email address and ordered some business cards.

All low cost so hopefully I'll re coup it over a period of time.

I've had lots of lovely comments from friends and family.  Let me know what you think!

Saturday 10 November 2012

What a week!!

In the space of a week I had a house viewing (not interested!), I completed 13 cushions for the local craft boutique and got 2 invites to attend craft fairs to sell my stuff!! :-)

One set of elephants

All 13 cushions - 3 owls, 6 elephants and 4 dogs

My owls

My Scottie dogs now with collars

And the local contemporary craft boutique shop front.  Can you see one of my owls in the window? ;-)

Friday 2 November 2012

I have a viewer!!

Just a quick update to say I have a viewer tomorrow.  The last few days have been manic trying to make sure the house is looking fabulous.  They say that you make up your mind about a house in the first few minutes.  So I'm focusing on making the entrance hall, living room and conservatory look amazing!

But I fear it may all be a waste of time as next door has been renovating their house for the last 2 years (yep 2 whole years of builders!!) and the driveway is an obstacle course of skips, pallets, bags of sand etc etc.  And the driveway has been dug up in many places as they investigate a leaky pipe.  So their first impressions of my fabulous location may not be that good.

Fingers crossed!!