Thursday 28 May 2020

Plot update

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since my post! I've really not been doing anything that blogworthy plus it was report writing time for school (they're all finished and signed off now).

There's a general consensus among my friends that we seem to be living a groundhog day every day.  We've got ourselves stuck in a rut/routine and the lines between work and home are very blurred.  I've seen some of my colleagues interacting with parents on Twitter on a Saturday evening!! It's not healthy.

Thankfully the weather has been lovely (mostly) so spending time in my garden and on the allotment helps me switch off from work stuff.  Today's video shows the start of everything on the plot bursting into life.  I watched the first video of my new plot and was surprised to see just how much I've changed it already.  I love that people watch them but really they're for me to keep a wee record of my progress.  And a reminder of what I can achieve on my own 😊

Thursday 7 May 2020

Another week of new normal

I'm continuing my journey into more environmentally friendly products.  So far the shampoo, conditioner and safety razor mentioned in my previous POST have been rather successful 👍  So I ordered some more products from Peace With The Wild.  I'm trying their dishwasher tablets and dish washing soap with a bamboo brush.  I got a vegetable scrub brush and some natural deodorant.  Plus some vegan honey and a bamboo hairbrush.  I'll report back on how effective they are in time.

I also treated myself to a new coffee machine.  This is something I've been looking at buying for the last year but hadn't seen one at a good price.  I wanted a bean to cup one.    These coffee beans arrived yesterday and the machine arrived today.  I'm testing it tomorrow morning ☕

This surprise parcel arrived from my youngest son and his girlfriend.  A hamper of fine Scottish foods.  It was amazing! 😋 This has fed me for the last 3 days!!

I've had lots of meals that look pretty much like this one!!

Or this one!  Simple GF pasta with Scottish smoked salmon and veg

And finally my 'baby' was 22 on Sunday.  Unbelievably this photo is now 6 years old from when we went to the wedding in Singapore.  Long time readers will remember this POST.  This young man is 1 week away from qualifying as a radiographer.  Like many of his peers doing medical type degrees, he's being fast tracked into his employment with the NHS.  I'm hugely proud and scared in equal measure that very soon he'll be on the front line as a key worker.  His girlfriend is a nurse and she works on a Covid ward.  They are so young to have such responsibilities.

So remember, stay home and stay safe 💗 xxx

Sunday 3 May 2020

Plot Update

I remembered to take a video yesterday when I was at the allotment.  I meant to do it last week after I'd finished the polytunnel but I was just too tired! 

Our allotment site is looking fab.  Lots of people have been able to spend more time there and there's a great camaraderie on our Facebook page with lots of seed and plant sharing.  And all within the social distancing rules.  It's been a lovely respite to my week.

Hope everyone is well and keeping busy.  Stay safe, stay home 💗