Sunday 27 October 2019

Tightening my frugal belt

To be honest it's not been a frugal few months here.  Yes, I chose to go on holiday but I'm counting that as a health choice (physical and mental well being).  And I loved it so I'm not going to beat myself up about the cost.  This week Emma needed a small operation to remove a nasty cyst above her eye.

She's no longer insured (for a variety of reasons) so that was £336 on top of recent vet bills (£219) to get her itchy infected ears under control.  Good job she's worth it!  She is looking rather sorry for herself as she has to keep the collar on for another 5 days because she scratched her stitches.  Bad dog!

Luckily I had enough money saved to cover my holiday and vet bills.  But as the title says I need to tighten my belt and build up my savings again.  So, to avoid going to the supermarket I made do with what was in my cupboard and freezer to make some meals for the coming week.  I made vegetable chilli with dumplings in my new Crockpot.  Truthfully it wasn't great (esp the dumplings!) but I've got 4 more meals of it to use up.  I've also got a couple of frozen cod fillets in the freezer to use up so that's this week's dinners sorted.

The dumplings were a bit solid even for GF ones.

I made a big pot of soup so that's my lunches sorted.  Breakfast will be porridge as the weather is too cold for overnight oats now.  Every morning I make a big pot for me, Emma and the chickens!! 🐔

I get paid this week (it's been a long 5 week month!!) so I'll be able to do a big shop at the end of the week.  I've been stuck in a rut of just doing stir fries for my evening meal so if anyone has any good cheap meal ideas I'm all ears.

Sunday 20 October 2019

My first solo holiday

I'm not a good flier.  Never have been.  But usually I have someone to hold my hand on take off.  Not this time! So some pink champagne was required pre flight.  Cost me £16 for a glass!!!!! 😮

But I made it!  This was sunrise on my first morning.  Quiet and peaceful.

 My room was lovely! 

The hotel was huge!!!!

This is a selfie I posted on FB on my 3rd morning.  I'd spent a couple of days by the pool just people watching.  There were folks of all shapes and sizes.  All confident in their own bodies.  I took this on impulse (actually I took about 30 shots and they were all similar, so it wasn't a fluke!)  I realised that I'm in ok shape for a woman of my age and experience.  I'm too hard on myself.  I have grey hair.  I have wobbly bits.  I'm 53 and had 3 kids.  My body reflects this and I'm happy with that.

Every night before dinner I took a selfie then I went to the dining room with a book.  The first night I ate dinner in 20 mins.  By the final night I took over an hour.

Yes, going on holiday by myself was challenging.  But I spent a lot of time simply reflecting on life and making plans for the future.  It made me realise I can do anything, be anything I want. And that was empowering 😎

Friday 11 October 2019

October Break

Well I made it to the October break.  I've been constantly ill for the last 5 weeks with one virus following another.  I even had to take a day off work this week as I could not stop coughing. I'm totally run down.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Gran Canaria for a week in the sunshine.  I'm going to a 4 star adults only hotel.  By myself.

I'm excited and terrified in equal measure as I've never holidayed on my own before.  Could be interesting!