Sunday 15 April 2018

Back to work

Yep, that'll be me tomorrow!  

As always I haven't achieved a fraction of what I'd planned during my holiday.  I don't know why I even bother to make plans.  I'm always ill!  My stinky cold has finally gone but I'm left with a painful cold sore on the inside of my nose.  My knee is still sore but I've started physio on it.  Hopefully that will continue to improve.  But I did move DS into his new flat.  I'm still clearing/cleaning his old one.  And OH has finally started tiling round my utility room sink.  I had measured it to be 4 tiles high but for some reason he's tiled it to 3 high.  He says I didn't have enough tiles but I know I did!!  They're white, sage green and purple, same as my kitchen.

Sadly nothing has been done in the garden.  It's been very wet and very cold.  However, I have made some plans.  More later 😉

I was getting fed up with my hair.  I've decided to stop bleaching it blonde, grow it out and embrace the grey.  While that's happening I'm going to play around with temporary colours so I'm back to being purple.  The kids are going to love it tomorrow! 💜

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Quitting is not an option

I am so tired.  If I wasn't on holiday I wonder if I would even manage to go to work.  This nasty cold has floored me almost as much as the flu did.  And on top of that my knee is still very painful.  I can't walk the dog far, can't go down stairs, can't do the garden, can't stand for too long etc But I have to keep going as I have too much to do.  Luckily my physio appt is tomorrow morning so fingers crossed I'll get some exercises to get me fully mobile again!

I'm resting as much as I can then doing the essential stuff in between rests.  I'm saying no to social things (even cancelled a rare date night with OH) and not initiating anything myself.  I'm still on my 90 day plan so I'm eating well and doing modified HIIT workouts when I can.  I've already lost 9 inches, most of that from my hips and waist!

Chicken and kale soup, blueberry muffins and Thai green curry with prawns 

 Pea risotto , crispy beef wrap and almond and honey pancakes

But my favourite meal so far has to be the breakfast pizza! 😋

I love cooking and am so pleased I'm still motivated to cook even if I'm feeling crap.  Unfortunately the cost of food on Cycle 1 on this plan made my March supermarket spending double!!  So far this month on Cycle 2 it is nearly back to normal as I have lots of the new stuff in cupboard already.  But it was interesting to note the huge jump in my spending due to trying to eat more healthily (see Mad March on my sidebar!) This is something I'll be investigating a bit more the further I go into the plan.

In other news eldest DS moved into the flat yesterday with help from my lovely mum and aunt.  DS and I can clash easily when we're both tired so having them as a buffer worked really well.  There's still a lot of cleaning and sorting of broken furniture to deal with in his old flat but we have until the end of the month to deal with that.

Sorry I've not got much interesting news to share.  As I'm getting older I'm appreciating good health even more and am willing to focus on just that when I'm under the weather.  Hopefully normal service will resumed soon.

Stay well wherever you are!