Sunday 11 December 2016

Taking a break

Life is very hectic at the moment.  My paying job is sucking up all my time and energy, leaving me little time and energy for anything else.  All around me people are preparing for Christmas and I haven't done anything apart from putting up my tree.  Even that hasn't kick started any festive feelings.  I'm feeling very bah humbuggy!

So I've decided to focus on the last 8 teaching days of school (we finish on the 21st) and then think about everything else.  I'll be taking a break from blogging until the new year (it's just one more thing on my to do list atm) and decide how best to continue.  I love writing and don't want to stop.  I write other stuff and maybe need to find a way of combining it all.  Maybe a blog revamp is needed? This week, 2 of my blogging friends have decided to stop and while I understand and respect their reasons I think blogland is the poorer for their absence.  Thank you Sue and Sarah for all your inspiration xxx

I will be back 😊 Until then I wish you all a peaceful holiday however you celebrate it 🎅🎉💖