Saturday 30 November 2019

Nearly done!

Here's a wee peak of my guest room.  The carpet's down, the 2 main walls are papered (it's more bluey in real life).  Just the fiddly window wall to do tomorrow.  The white electrical sockets are being changed to brushed chrome tonight and the wardrobe doors are being re fitted after the carpet fitters had to remove them.  It's all coming together.

I'm exhausted!

Sunday 24 November 2019

Another wardrobe surprise!

I've been working on my guest room every spare minute I have.  It's taken much more time than I thought but I'm nearly there.  And it's taken a lot more paint than I thought!!  The doors needed 4 coats of Brilliant White satinwood to cover up the 'hint of green' white.  My carpet gets fitted on Thursday so it needs to be done by then. 

I know not many people will see inside the wardrobe but it makes me smile!! 😎

Sunday 10 November 2019

Plum Toffee bargain

Couldn't resist this bargain pot of mistinted paint for £5.  It's a glorious rich purpley plum colour.  I'm going to use it inside the cupboard on the upstairs landing.

I'm painting my house white to have a neutral background for my colourful accessories.  But when you open cupboards you find...

My Brothel Red bedroom wardrobe  😂😂😂

Saturday 9 November 2019

Decorating the Guest Room

I'm decorating again!  This is my downstairs bedroom, the guest room.  It's usually a dumping room for anything that doesn't have a place, only getting tidied when someone (usually family) visits.

It's been on my list to decorate for ages and now I have a good reason to get it done asap.  That disgusting green carpet had to go!!!

There were 2 built in cupboards and about a year ago I had the idea to turn one of them into a dressing table area as the room was too small to have a proper one.

So in the last week I've stripped the walls and removed the carpet and underlay.

A big plastic pipe from the old cooker extractor fan was removed (the kitchen is on the other side of that wall) and the hole to the outside vent was insulated and blocked up.

And the surprise mould under the wallpaper has now been cleaned and treated.  I'm ready to start the painting and wallpapering.  I'll be ordering my carpet tomorrow so fingers crossed they can do it before Christmas.

It's been a busy few weeks with work (but still managing to find those yellow stickers!!) Busy but positive.  I have another mature post grad student.  She is doing really well but as it's her first ever placement I'm constantly planning with her, observing her lessons and giving her feedback.  I'm mentoring a teacher from another school in our writing scheme, which I'm enjoying but again takes up time.  And my union rep duties are just ridiculous with everything that's happening here!!

But my holiday has done me good.  In fact, I've booked another one!  I'm going to Australia for Christmas and the New Year to see my middle son!  ✈🎄🐨 My flights are booked and I've arranged a housesitter to look after Emma and the chickens.  Hence the need to get my guest room finished asap! 🛏