Monday 14 October 2013


It's now 6 weeks since I moved into my house.  Lots of little things are getting done but I'm really struggling with motivation and a post op wound I thought would be a minor blip that could be sorted out in a day or 2.  I've also developed sciatica so that's making life fun.  NOT!!!

But I'm keeping on keeping on, simply because there's no other option.  I'm being careful and letting the Teenager take the strain.  That's him posing in the garden after getting his black tags in TKD.  This means he can sit his black belt grading next summer.  He only took the sport up 2 years ago but seems to have a talent for it.  Proud mum here :-)

Those hideous trees (leylandii) in the background have been felled ready for a secure fence between me and my neighbour's property.  That's my biggest expense so far but a necessary one to stop Emma escaping!!

I've got my kitchen tiles ready and waiting to be put up. I've got my paint to paint the kitchen cupboards.  Just need the energy and motivation to get started now!