Sunday, 6 August 2017


For the last 18 months I have been saving for a woodburner, technically a multi fuel burner as I want to burn more than wood.  Tomorrow I've got someone coming to do a smoke test on my chimney to see if I need a chimney liner.  I hope I don't (my neighbour didn't need one) as it will add to the final cost.  Then I'm going ahead to get one fitted!! 😎

I haven't made a final choice of stove but it'll be a contemporary style like these ones.

I'm going to get my 80s style stone fireplace removed, the gap in the wall will be plastered and it will be free standing on a slate/stone hearth.  The pipe will be fitted from the back rather than the top so I can boil a kettle etc on the top in the event of a power cut and all the heat from the stove will go into the room.

I had a woodburner in my previous house and I really miss it.  But over the last 8 years the cost of buying and installing one has tripled!!! However, my research suggests it will save me money on my energy bills (over a long period I suspect!) and could add 5% to the value of my house if/when I sell it.

In addition to the cost of installing the stove I'll be painting the room, fitting a new carpet and finally getting round to making my curtains (I've had the fabric for nearly 4 years!!) Busy few months ahead!


  1. Busy, but it will be worth it when it's all done.
    I'd love to have a woodburner but as I don't see myself being in this house for any length of time it will have to wait. X

    1. I don't know how long I'm going to be in this house so every major purchase needs to add value as well as being a sensible money saving idea :-)

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  2. Sounds like a cosy future for you.

  3. We have two real fireplaces but sadly I couldn't convince my other half to reinstate them! New central heating in two weeks time so major uoheaval ahead. It's the mess I find hard to cope with, and we went back to having a carpet in our living room last November-grrrr. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your break and will have a better year coming. Catriona

  4. Central heating installation is such an upheaval. Good luck!!