Saturday 3 November 2018


It's been a looooong week at school.  A week where 1 teacher was off with stress, 1 came to my room at 8.15am and sobbed for half an hour, our excellent Principal Teacher requested to go part time and 2 others had job interviews for non teaching posts.

And I've been told I'm getting another new pupil with additional support needs.

I'm tired.  I need my weekends just to recharge my batteries.  I have no energy or enthusiasm to do anything except get ready for another week at work.

Oh and we're on a yellow warning for rain today.



  1. I feel for you. All my friends who were teachers 'retired' early as life in the classroom got more and more stressful. You have to wonder where it will end.
    Today's a long bath and good book sort of a day! x

  2. I feel your pain. So glad that my husband left Secondary School teaching to lecture adults. It has made a HUGE differnce to his health and well being.

  3. My daughter also went to FE - she couldn’t get a job in Primary around 10 years ago, and although she loves it, there are great stresses there too. Too many chiefs and money spent unwisely. Teachers need to be treated as the professional they (majority) are and be allowed to make a difference to childrens lives. Rest and relax, Ali.

  4. My daughter has had a hellish week ( she's an English teacher), and it won't get better any time soon; all down to the SMT at her school :(

  5. It never rains but it pours, sometimes literally!

    We had two pupils die (one due to medical issues and one in an accident) and our school was targeted by an official hate group due to an anti-hate campaign we are currently running - all in the last two weeks.

    I'm grateful we have good weather after weeks (and weeks!) of rain (I'm in the US) and a quiet weekend after mid-term exams to regroup. Starting out slow this next week is a necessity for me and I'm taking time today to see a show with my DH and children.

    Hoping you get the rest you need,

  6. Oh, I feel for you so much having been their. Try to enjoy your weekend and find some 'me' time.

  7. Bugs me that I can't correct my error in the above comment!! THERE!!!!

  8. Oh I'm so sorry. It seems to me that nowadays they push more and more until they can get no more blood out of that stone. I'm not a teacher but having a 3-4 hour daily commute is doing me in and we once had an absolute psychopath of a boss who 10 of us took on (we won) but at tremendous cost to our health. I'm glad I'm getting out at Christmas. I don't even want to say "hang in there" - maybe you don't want to or can get out. Again, I'm so sorry. Anna

  9. I also work in a school and feel very saddened seeing some fabulous teachers who care about their pupils and their learning, suffering from burnout. Such a shame that they have to suffer like this. Hope things get better for your colleagues and yourself, please make sure that you get plenty of rest on your weekends.


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