Sunday 3 March 2019

A few mistakes!!

Obviously bloggers like to write about the successful parts of their lives and make their blog look nice but I thought it only fair to share a few of my mistakes this week!  I seem to be making more and more of them recently!!!

Yesterday I had my hair done, properly at a reputable hairdresser.  I had decided to go blonde again so I could play with temporary colours like purple.  It looks ok in the photo but it's actually yellow/orange in places and a lovely silvery blonde in others.  And despite doing a proper patch test several weeks ago, I have several weeping sore patches on my scalp. Not sure if I've just developed more sensitive skin since the last time I had it bleached or my hairdresser has done something wrong.  I've bought some 'purple' shampoo and conditioner in the hope that  the yellow colour will tone down.  I do hope I've not made a big mistake in going blonde again.

OH fitted the 2 new chrome light fittings in the dining hall.  I love them!  But, I didn't realise you can't fit a shade to them.  They're designed to have one of those large fancy vintage looking bulbs so I've had to order some.  The white plastic flex is actually covered in cord so they look a bit retro.  They're a wee bit bent after being shipped in a tiny box.  Hopefully they'll straighten out in time.

So the 2 orange shades I wanted to use are being relocated.  One of them will be used on a lamp base that my lovely mum returned to me.  And the other will go on the light on the upstairs landing.

Today's final 'mistake' was my attempt at marinaded and fried tofu.  Despite pressing it in my tofu press for several hours it still fell to bits when I sliced it.  I managed to get a few neat slices and a pile of crumbs to fry!!  Tastes ok but doesn't look great!

I have another busy week ahead at work *sighs* but there's only 4 weeks until the Easter break! 😎


  1. I can only have a full head of highlights because the full bleach job burns my scalp. I always have a purple smelly toner put on after the foils come off to save the yellowish look. I only do it now to try and silver up the parts that aren’t already silver and it’s now short rather tha the length your is. Had it cut two years ago and the only thing is it needs trimmed every five weeks. I think you should go back to the hairdressers and seek their advice (ie complain) love those zingy orange shades- very retro vibe. Four weeks doesn’t sound much unless you have experience of teaching so may the force be with you!

    1. Thanks! My hair was much complimented today but several people said go back to the hairdresser. I'll see how it looks by the end of week

  2. Hi, is Womanarchy ok, miss her posts, loving your dresses x

    1. Yes, I think she's ok. She's still active on FB although I did notice she's not posted for a week or so. I know she gets disillusioned from time to time with blogging (I hope she doesn't mind me saying) but like you I really miss her posts too :-)


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