Saturday 7 May 2022

April Spending and health catch up


I'm a week late with April's spending analysis but I had a good reason last weekend!  As expected (and sort of planned for) it was a spendy month thanks to the wedding.  I haven't added up every single item as it was getting scary 😱 but items to note were increased food costs due to having my middle son home for a week and putting fuel in my car for the first time in 3 months.  I have a hybrid car so don't use much fuel.  And wedding 'stuff' is crazily expensive!

Me and my Lovely Mum

The short answer is I have nothing left to put in savings this month!  But I'm ok with that, this is a long term project and I'm back on track already.

Savings account at 30th April still has £3598.96.  

In other news, my youngest son and GF got the keys to their new house.  They're moving out on the 20th.  It's been lovely having them living with me while they saved up but I'll be glad to get my house back to myself.  No more washing machine on 3 times a day!! 

And they got engaged while on holiday! 💍

The week before the wedding I had my follow up doctor appt.  Unfortunately my own GP was off sick so it was with a different doctor.  I didn't have high hopes and was prepared to have to re book one with my own.  But she was amazing!  She checked out everything from my previous appt and updated all my prescriptions.  

I have a chest x-ray booked for next week (to check out the breathlessness) and I had bloods taken earlier this week.  I've already had the results back and everything is normal except for my cholesterol levels.  All I know is they're a 'bit high' but I'll find out more next week when I have a nurse appt.  It's not rocket science, I'll be told to exercise, lose weight and watch what I eat.  I am determined I will not go on statins (unless they're dangerously high right now!) and I'm pleased to report that my BP is completely back to normal! Phew!!

I've completed my 4 week phased return to work.  I've been summoned to an attendance meeting with HR (completely normal after a long term absence) to talk about my health and my work.  As I'm the union rep in my school I normally accompany other people to their meetings.  I get to have my union's  Local Secretary at mine!!  It's also being lead by the Head of HR and not an assistant!  It's normally just a box ticking formality but we're hoping to use this opportunity to raise our concerns about teachers (and others) feeling the pressure to return to work too quickly when they've been ill.  I wrote about it HERE

It's now the season of report writing, Parent Contact meetings and transition events for the Nursery children coming into P1.  School finishes here on 24th June so there's a lot to get done in the next 7 weeks!


  1. Lovely pix. I particularly like the one of you and your Mum. April was an extraordinary month for you so no saving is understandable. As much as you will miss your baby boy, I am sure your house running expenses should decrease a bit. Hugs.

    1. Thanks! I'm back on track and fingers crossed all my costs go down :-)

  2. Congratulations to youngest son and Gf. They look so happy. Hope things work out for them in their new home. Lovely wedding photos, how time flies. Your mum looks great - you could be sisters!

    1. Thanks! My mum was just 18 when she had me so we're often mistaken for sisters :-)

  3. Lovely photos of the wedding and congratulations on gaining another daughter.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks! I think of the girls as my daughters and they're both lovely people. Well suited to join our crazy family!!! :-)


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