Monday, 11 July 2022

More plot progress!

 8.30am this morning

10.30am this morning

All those overgrown weeds were actually from between the paving slabs!  It's not perfect but all the seed heads were bagged and taken to the dump.  So of course we re filled the bags with the free compost!

And the compost will fill one of my new raised beds.  We were burst after a morning's work so that will happen tomorrow.  I'm going to sow some lettuce and carrots in there but eventually these 2 beds will be my strawberry beds.

Only the raspberry patch is left to clear then it will be a case of maintenance and harvesting (I hope!)


  1. Things are really moving right along. Love that you get free compost.

    God bless.

  2. It surely feels good to be able to see results of one's work! I weeded one strawberry bed yesterday and I was totally wiped out. But it's done now :-)

    1. Well done! The secret for me is to do little and often. I like to photograph it so I can see the changes. I forget how bad it was like until I see the difference!


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