Thursday, 6 October 2022

Chicken Soup


Thanks for all your lovely get well wishes!  I really hope I've headed this thing off by taking some time off now.  I spent yesterday in bed and I'm doing the same today.  I'm coughing a lot and my ears are 'full' which is making me dizzy.  I'm taking cold and flu tablets, Benylin and drinking loads of hot honey and lemon.

I also made a pot of the fastest chicken soup ever!  I'd made some chicken stock overnight in the Crockpot on Monday night.  So I chucked it in a pot with a handful of frozen sweetcorn, some cooked shredded chicken (from chicken legs I cooked at the weekend) and a crushed up rice noodle nest.  Rice noodles are cooked within minutes in hot water or stock.  Wee bit of seasoning and I had a pot of soup in minutes.

There's something really comforting about chicken soup when you're not well.  It's all I've eaten for 2 days but it feels nourishing.


  1. The soup looks lovely and I'm sure it's doing you loads of good.
    Hoping you feel better very soon. xx

  2. Chicken soup is so nourishing when you are unwell. Glad you are resting up and keeping warm and hydrated. Catriona

  3. Hope you are on the mend. Chicken soup is a Jewish grandmother's remedy for all that ails you!

  4. Your soup looks wonderful. Hope you are feeling a bit better now.

    God bless.


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