Sunday, 10 September 2017

It's September!

Time flies when you're enjoying yourself, apparently.  It's now September and we're 3 weeks into the school term. Unbelievably it's only 4 weeks until half term!!  So far my new class is ok, only one specific behaviour issue.  I only have 24 kids which really makes a difference in terms of class management.  My non contact afternoon is a Tuesday which happens to be the time when the whole school does community groups so I don't have a group to lead this year.  I like to think of it as my reward for teaching last year's class!! Several colleagues have commented on how I look more relaxed this term.  And my headteacher told me I'm very organised at my planning meeting! 😎

The weather hasn't been great here, very autumnal.  I switched my heating back on last weekend.  Luckily yesterday was decent enough to get my back garden tidied up.  I emptied more potato pots.  The pic above is the result of 10 Maris Piper tubers.  Not great.  And they fell to bits when cooked .

I rounded up and emptied all the pots then gave them a good wash.  They're already for winter storage now.

I cleared the polytunnel of the remaining tomato plants.  I had 18 and not one of them produced a single tomato.  The last ones I removed yesterday did have some flowers but it's way too late in the season for them to produce any tomatoes now so I pulled them out.  Very satisfying.  I filled up the grobags with the spent compost from the pots and will add some feed to them.  I'm going to try planting a few winter crops and some herbs to see if they'll survive.

We've also been doing some work on the outside of the house.  The exposed bricks and the mortar between them are a bit crumbly.  A lot of the houses round me have just painted them so we decided to go down that route rather than getting a builder to re point/replace.  I spent £40 on 2 tins of Sandtex paint that will seal and protect them.  OH has used a full tin already on the side (he'll do the wee bit on the front when the weather is dry enough again!!)

The colour is Plymouth Grey but it doesn't look grey on my wall.  But it'll do, it looks much better already with just the first coat.  And it'll save me the cost of getting a builder.

September is always the time when I reflect on the changes in my life in recent years.  7 years ago my marriage fell apart.  4 years ago I moved into this house.  Life doesn't always work out the way you thought or planned.  Getting back up is hard, really hard.  But when I look at what I have now I wouldn't change anything that happened.


  1. My admiration for your hard work is boundless! Our house is a 60's bungalow and 10 years ago we used some of my teacher's pension sum to have it roughcast to take away all the different surfaces. Our new heating is finished and toasty warm but the whole place is a mess. Glad your new class seems less stressful and as we know, sound planning is worth every moment spent. The year is running away but it will soon be the October holiday. My late mother called it "the tattie howkin week" just to drive me crazy!! Catriona

  2. Yep, we call it the tattie howkin holiday too!! One of my neighbours has roughcasted (is that a word??!) their whole house. It looks great but way out of my budget for this house

  3. I often feel the same at this time of year. I think feelings are exaggerated with the changing of the seasons and the start of a new school year. I find it is very similar to New Year in many respects.
    You've done great and should feel proud of yourself. It's not the knocks but how we bounce back from them that defines us. X

    1. Yes, very like New Year! Definitely believe it's how we react to the knocks that's the key. We can't control what life throws us but we can control our reactions xxx

  4. I love this positive post.
    J x

    1. Thanks! I'm feeling very positive about life just now :-)

  5. It looks great but way out of my budget for this house



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