Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wee dogs

I used to run the Nearly New shop at my son's school.  I sold mostly blazers and sports kit but there were some things lurking on the rails that used to be part of the uniform when it was a boarding school.  All girls had to wear a proper kilt to church on Sunday.  So there was a small selection of 100% wool kilts but no one wanted to buy them as they were in teen sizes and no self respecting teenage girl would be seen dead in a kilt!!  So I bought 4 of the lesser moth eaten ones for a fiver.  3 blue to make cushions and this red/pink/green one.

Girls kilt age 14

It's actually more red in real life! 

I unpicked the pleats (about an hour's work) then cut off the waistband. I popped it into the washing machine and washed it at 90 degrees to felt it.  I ended up with about 1.5 metres of lovely felted tartan wool.

I played around with some scottie dog shapes until I found a few I was happy with.

I cut out 2 shapes from the same template then hand stitched them together using blanket stitch.  I left an opening big enough to add stuffing and finished it off.

This wee one is about 8cm by 10cm

The bigger one is about 22cm by 20cm

I'm really chuffed with my efforts.  Again they've cost nothing to make as I had all the materials.  There's plenty of felted tartan left so I can make more.  I think I'll try a cat and an elephant next.  If I can make them quickly then selling them might be an option :-)


  1. Your tartan creations would make fantastic tree decorations for a certain festive occasion in December Ali!
    Sarah [Aril]x


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