Monday 25 February 2013

Kilt to corset

I took a felted kilt, a 4m lace, bias binding and some cotton lining to a 2 day course in Glasgow at the weekend and turned them into this -

A traditional boned Victorian corset with 16 steel 'bones' and 26 brass eyelets!  It just needs a wee hook and eye fastening at the top to help it sit flat.

The rear view with the lacing (it slid down the mannequin, it isn't really higher at one side!!)

And the view from the side.

I really loved the 2 day course.  I am so thrilled with the finished product.  It was made to fit me but I'll be taking it to craft fairs to show what can be done with my felted tartan.  I'm hoping to make them to sell.  The tutor showed us many samples of original Victorian corsets and a vintage Vivienne Westwood one with a zip up the front.  She also showed us ones she's made herself including one made from a PVC tablecloth and one from a pair of old jeans.  I'd love to try that idea as it appeals to my upcycling senses!


  1. I love it! Well done on completing it. :)

  2. I don't think you'd have any trouble selling those. Fantastic!

  3. As a corset expert, I appreciate this.

    -Owner of


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