Saturday, 25 February 2017

My Saturday Kitchen

Last weekend OH and I were away in the campervan for a few nights.  It was lovely but it meant I didn't plan my food and meals for the week.  And my eating really suffered ie I ate far too much rubbish!!  So this morning I was determined to get ahead for next week (and beyond) and use up all the bits n bobs lying around my fridge and store cupboard.  Here's my lovely full fridge as a result.

So what can you do with...

6 bendy carrots?

5 onions

Half a bag of sprouting potatoes?

A small bowl of cooked brown rice?

Spicy seasoning?

Turkey sausages and turkey breast mince? 

2 wrinkly apples?

4 scruffy spring onions?

Firstly I chopped up all the onions and grated the carrots.  Then finely chopped the spring onions discarding the scruffy leaves.  I mixed some onion/carrot/spring onions with tuna and mayo to make a wrap for my lunch!  I used about half and there's half left in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch.

I browned the turkey mince with 2 onions/1 carrot/spicy seasoning and added a carton of chopped tomatoes and a carton of cannelini beans.  I put it all in the slow cooker and cooked it on High for 4 hours.  5 portions of turkey chilli con carne done.

I chucked the rest of the carrots, 1 onion and about a cup of red lentils in some veg stock and simmered for about 20 mins.  Then I added the brown rice and turned it off after it came back up to the boil.  Lentil and rice soup for work lunches.

I mashed 2 of the boiled potatoes with half a bag of cooked frozen cauliflower to make Mashed Cauli Potatoes (it's a real thing apparently)  It actually tasted rather nice.  It's supposed to be a healthy low carb/low calorie version of mashed potatoes.  I'll be using it as a topping to some turkey chilli con carne to make a spicy cottage pie thingy.

I browned the sausages and onions in  my wok and added half a can of Stella Cidre.  I quartered the apples and chucked them in too.  I added some veg stock and simmered it all for about 25 minutes.

I divided it into 3 portions (one is for DS)

And I sauteed the rest of the potatoes to have with my bargain beef joint that was cooked overnight in the slowcooker.

Tonight OH and I are having peppered (bargain) fillet steak in a whisky 'cream' sauce with oven chips and purple sprouting broccoli from my own garden 😊 Then we're going to see Trainspotting 2 at the cinema.  I actually only watched the first Trainspotting film last year for the first time so I haven't been waiting that long for the sequel!


  1. Awesome! Enjoy Trainspotting II.

    1. Loved T2! OH wasn't as keen but then he's read all 3 books and complained they'd 'missed out bits'

  2. Always fun to figure out how to make stuff out of what is left. Kinda like having your own Iron Chef or Chopped show, in house. lol

    1. Or Ready Steady Cook here in the UK! I used to love that show but they only had 20 mins. I had the luxury of all day whilst doing other things :-)


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