Saturday, 4 June 2016


You know that bloody Ronan Keating song 'Life is a rollercoaster,' na na na na na? Well that's my life right now!

For some reason (yet to be fully explained to me) I don't have a job until June 2017 afterall.  I will not be doing the maternity cover as previously agreed (no one is!!) The post is to become a full time permanent one instead.  I now have 30 months continous service and have the legal right to a permanent post but can't have the the job I'm currently doing and have been doing for the last 30 months. And no one can tell me why.

Human Resources are not returning phone calls or emails.  Their only comment is that they're still working it out and can't comment yet.

People higher up in the education food chain are on it but the sick sinking feeling in my stomach has returned for the time being.  Basically in 3 weeks I'm out of a job with no income. 

I'm trying very hard to be positive and hope that things will work out somehow.  Just wish my stomach would listen!


  1. Oh Ali, I'm so sorry to hear this. I worked in HR for 20 years and I think with the advent of email and voice mail so many people just hide behind it and HR loses the "human" bit. Certainly that's what the last two HR directors did where I worked - it's too easy to hide. You say higher ups are on it - well I hope that is a good sign and you will be getting good news shortly. Fingers crossed for you. Anna

  2. Oh :( Hope things can get worked out - and soon- for you. Sending positive thoughts x

  3. That's rubbish for you. Unfortunately my experience of the education department, in Glasgow anyway, is that they are incompetent at best. I'm sure it will sort out for the best, but I know its not easy to believe that at the moment. Good luck. x

  4. Welcome to my world. Been doing sick/vacation coverage on a ward. One year temp position came up. Two of us relief staff applied. Neither of us got it. Someone from another hospital got it. We are both grieving it

    Might not be important to managers, bit we are both good at the job. Somebody with no experience interviewed better than both of us?

    I feel your pain

  5. Would love to make a sweeping generalisation here but will refrain as I have no personal knowledge of your situation, but it really is cr*p, as well as being absolutely ludicrous. I now work for a large organisation who really cannot organise the proverbial P*ss up, especially relating to recruitment and HR/staffing.

    I feel sure that even if you have to leave this school there will be other work for you (and maybe that will teach the school a real lesson) but I know that until there is any kind of certainty you will not be able to relax.

  6. Thanks for all the supportive comments :-)

    It's the uncertainty that's causing the probelm. I can't believe you can be told you have a job and then told no wait we're changing the rules. Again. Being a 'temporary' teacher is tricky as you can't go on courses (it won't benefit the school if you leave and go elsewhere) and then you haven't got up to date training to put on your CV. So when you apply for jobs (and I've applied for loads) it looks like you're not keeping up to date with current education thinking(!)

    I know there is lots of work out there but it's changing schools daily/weekly/monthly. It's like starting a new job every time.

    I'm doing all I can to stay positive and hopefully should know what's happening this week

  7. Oh gosh this is awful. I do hope that things will work out and that in the end you do get this position, if anyone has earnt the right to it then it's you.

    Fingers crossed. xx


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