Saturday, 2 April 2016

Eat from the freezer April

Day 1 of my holiday started at 9am prompt this morning with the arrival of builders next door to began their extension.  *sighs*  I should be used to it after living next to a permanent building site for years at my old house.  But I'd really like to use my loo without hearing every swear word they say and smelling their fag smoke!  The dogs just bark constantly as they think someone is on their territory.  Ah well.  I'll just need to turn the music up!

I did a big stocktake of both freezers.  They're both jam packed with yellow stickered bargains.  Definitely enough food to keep me fed for the whole month and possibly beyond. Might need to top up on vegetarian stuff for The Teenager as I have a lot of meat and fish for me.  There's still a goodly amount of home grown fruit and veg in there so I'll need to find ways to use it up before this season's produce is ready.  Once I've munched my way through it all I can defrost them as they're both frosted up.

I discovered I had 12 (TWELVE!!!) gluten free wraps plus many other goodies hidden in the depths. That's lunches sorted for the month. Next job is the storecupboard!  Again, there's a lot of stuff in there that will keep me fed for a while.  I'm off diet for the holiday and will start counting SmartPoints again when the school goes back to lose the next 5kg.  Hopefully my weight will have stabilised and I won't put any back on!

I wrote a big list of jobs this morning so I know how much needs to be done.  I'm being ambitious but I'm encouraged by the fact I'm not floored by a bug as usual.  First job is to get my polytunnel up.  I'm allowing 2 days (tomorrow and Monday) weather permitting to get the job done.  Then I can get planting :-)

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  1. Your stash of stored food is almost as big as mine :-)

    Good luck with the polytunnel.