Sunday, 3 April 2016


I haven't been diagnosed with Coeliac disease although my GP wants me to be tested again.  However, this means eating gluten foods for 6 weeks so there's enough gluten in my blood for the test.  Every now and then I knowingly eat something with gluten just to see how I feel.  In the spirit of using up what's in my freezer this month, I ate a quiche yesterday that The Teenager wouldn't eat. Big mistake!! By bedtime I was doubled over with abdominal pain and had a VERY upset stomach :-(  So eating gluten for 6 weeks is just not on.  I know that avoiding it helps my digestive system so I'll just keep doing what I do and avoid being glutened.

So today I was in need of comfort food.  I made some Leek and Lentil soup for lunch from my freezer contents.  Just what I was needing :-)

I felt much better by teatime so was able to use up the wild smoked salmon I'd defrosted overnight.

Tea was GF pasta with broccoli and smoked salmon in a 'cream' and Prosecco sauce.  The cream was actually Alpro soya cream but normal cream would work.  The Prosecco was from an opened bottle that was a birthday present.  It was delicious.

Eating a gluten and dairy free diet doesn't mean depriving myself of good food.  The only thing I object to is the cost of GF foods like bread and pasta.  Having a diagnosis would mean I could get stuff free on prescription but I just couldn't put up with 6 weeks of pain.


  1. I've never heard of cooking with Prosecco. I often go gluten free but certainly gluten does not upset me as it does you. You couldnt possibly go 6 weeks like that.

    1. I'll happily interchange wine/cider/sparkling wine in any recipe that suggests wine. I recently started using apple juice to cook chicken, works really well and is cheaper!

  2. I avoid flour, it kills me, upset tummy for days

  3. you're wise enough to know your own mind, and I agree that 6 weeks would be at thee very least intolerable for you, undoubtedly much worse than intolerable too.
    Pasta looks lovely, hot smoked salmon is a favourite of mine, but so is any type of salmon!

  4. I am not a coeliac nor does gluten affect me like it does you, but we now eat gluten free as we feel so much better ithout it. We make our own bread as hate the bought stuff. Have you found the blog written by the gluten free alchemist, fantastic recipes!

  5. It's such a shame that you need to eat gluten filled foods for six weeks to be able to be properly tested, I doubt many people could do it. Much better in my opinion to be careful in what you eat and learn quickly from any mistakes.

    I'm not 'officially' gluten intolerant, and I would not put myself through the trauma of eating the 'wrong foods' for six weeks and then being tested, but I know I get a very yucky upset stomach if I eat things with gluten or dairy, so we are very similar. I am however allergic to avocados and goose and duck eggs, but they are usually much easier to avoid.